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Halifax Neighborhood

Bringing Radon To Safe Levels

Advanced Testing and System Installation


We bring many years of quality work and experience. Our mission began in Nova Scotia, and we have since expanded to New Brunswick. 

We are your experts for your radon testing and mitigation needs. You will be satisfied with our work.


Everyday people find out about radon gas levels in their homes. They either completed a DIY radon kit, or hired a professional to come and do an accurate test. The radon levels being emitted in your home can be significant, and that exposure to these levels over a period of time will likely lead to cancer. Radon gas is know as the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer. This is because radon gas is radioactive and accumulates inside the body.

We want to eliminate or significantly reduce this exposure to you and your family's health so that you can peacefully sleep at night and not have to worry.

Research suggests that pets are also at high risk from radon gas which can significantly shorten their life span. 

Let us help you and your loved ones breathe and live better inside your home. 

  • Advanced Radon Testing

  • Advanced Radon Mitigation

  • Radon Removal Systems

  • ​Proffesional Installations

  • ​Concrete Drilling

  • ​Environmental Consulting

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